The Core

We will build up a group of people from Port St. Lucie who want to see God do something great and cause Exponential Church to Explode. Right now we are having small services to help cultivate people who can jump on board with where Exponential Church is planning to go. These services are simple and your kids can enjoy an awesome program that will give you a sense of what XKids is all about.

Where We Meet

Services happen Sundays at 10:30 am at the St. Lucie Mets Stadium (Peacock Blvd. entrance). Just follow the Orange X and we'll see you there.


XKids is an age appropriate setting for your kids where they can be excited to attend Exponential Church. Kids are important to Exponential Church and our XKids program reflects that. XKids is available for all kids from birth through the fifth grade.


Teens are Exceptional. They have great potential to rise to any occasion. At Exponential Church teens are treated with the same respect and honor as adults because we believe that they hold the potential energy to be a catalyst for Jesus now.